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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Update On My Addiction To Incense

Today it felt so good to tell a good friend that I quit smoking incense. I didn't realize it but he had been avoiding me for the last year because of how I acted on the synthetic marijuana. He hit me up on Facebook just to see how I was doing. I told him everything was great and my life was back on track. He was surprised. I could tell and that got me a bit upset. I asked him what he thought I would be doing right now. He said he thought I would still be smoking spice or I would be dead. He continued to tell me how the addiction had messed me all up and the last time we spoke I made up some story about needing gas money to get to work. And how he knew I didn't have a job but he gave me the $20 anyway. I didn't remember that at all. Didn't even remember seeing him that day!! WOW. I WAS messed up.

I got done talking to him and realized again how much happier I am now. 

Especially, now that I can honestly say I don't smoke spice anymore.

Made me feel awesome!!

Writing this is making me feel even better too!!


Click Here to read more about my struggles with this poison!!

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